Hydraulic Motor Speed Sensors Explained in Layman’s Phrases

Hydraulic motors are discovering their way into much more and much more locations in current years and there is a great reason why. They are considerably a lot more compact and can produce a lot more torque in a much smaller sized unit. Electric and gas run motors are also noisy and make warmth. Also, each of these types of motors usually need some kind of transmission technique to control torque.

The Troubles of Higher Stress Hydraulic Technique

Nevertheless hydraulic motors do have their possess shortcomings that have to be dealt with. For occasion, they demand a source of large pressure hydraulic fluid be ran to them for the motor to function. High force hydraulic fluid offers its own problems in dealing with and relocating it.

A Tightly Sealed Program

For instance, thanks to the simple fact the a hydraulic motor contains and is run by high pressure hydraulic fluid they need to have to be tightly sealed. This by mother nature prevents the use of a common speed sensor that uses a cable that is related to a equipment in the motor.

The Corridor Impact

So what is the reply? The response is to use speed sensors that use magnets to gage the velocity of a hydraulic engine from the outdoors. So how can a magnet gage the speed of some thing? When an electrical existing is ran perpendicular to a magnet, the existing will be effected when the magnet is in the presence of a ferrous steel this kind of as iron or metal. Its called the “Corridor effect”

Counting Equipment Teeth or Turbine Blades

So a magnetic sensor is utilised to rely the rotations of a gear or a turbine blade that is in the hydraulic motor or the hydraulic fluid line. hydraulic press supplier of the equipment or a blade on the small turbine passes the magnetic hydraulic motor speed sensor, an electric pulse is designed that is then despatched by wire to a velocity gage.

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